Seven things I'm dying to tell you…

I usually ignore requests to post things like this, but I'm still on vacation and just want to listen to music and write a bit, plus »

Clean Livin'

For the past four months I've been on the path to getting healthier, losing weight, and exercising regularly. To help me stay focused, and to document »

Folding Over the Decade Marker

As I listen to Duran2's "Hungry Like the Wolf" I'm reminded that most of the music that I listen to was recorded in the 1980s or »

Montblanc Stylus

For a bit of further self-indulgence, I bought a new stylus to replace the cheap plastic flimsy one that came with my Palm Vx. I looked »

'New' Palm Vx Handheld

I've been using my Palm IIIx handheld for nearly four years now, and it's served me very well. However, it has only 4Mb of memory, which »

1445 USCF

My chess rating went up to 1445 this week, which is the highest it's been. I'm still no grandmaster, but at least I'm slowly moving up, »