Clean Livin'

For the past four months I've been on the path to getting healthier, losing weight, and exercising regularly. To help me stay focused, and to document »

A New Era is Born...

I finally took the plunge and started a parent company to run all some of my products and services within. Hereafter I am no longer simply »

10 Bad Project Warning Signs

Andy Budd has written a fairly comprehensive entry on 10 bad project warning signs. I don't know if reading this article will educate clients and make »

Powered by Word Press

I've switched from the old free version of Movable Type to the less glitzy but highly popular Word Press. So far it seems easy to use, »


Despite Zeldman's demurs, I'm also working on a "tagging" system (sometimes called "folksonomies") for Poetry X so people can tag poems with relevant keywords. You see, »

Poetry X 3.0

There's a good reason I've been neglecting for... a while. Go check out the redesign of Poetry X v3.0, code-named "Nonetheless" since all »