This year marks the last series of repeated day/month/years (as long as you omit the century) until January 1st, 2101. What does it signify? »


Once every hundred years we get to think about the passage of time and celebrate a day where the numbers repeat when the four digit year »


Once again today is a day where the shorthand of today's date is a triplet of the same digits. I've been making a post on the »

Seven things I'm dying to tell you…

I usually ignore requests to post things like this, but I'm still on vacation and just want to listen to music and write a bit, plus »

Clean Livin'

For the past four months I've been on the path to getting healthier, losing weight, and exercising regularly. To help me stay focused, and to document »


Has it been a year, a month, and a day already? The 2008 Summer Olympics are opening in Beijing tonight, and it's reported that there were »