Jough Dempsey 2008

Yes, you've probably heard by now that I'm running for president. Jough-mania is sweeping the country. Here's a Channel 3 News story about how my campaign »

iPhone's First Birthday

iPhone turns 1 today. It's amazing how quickly I came to take it for granted. Just a few minutes ago I looked up a location on »

What Are You Thinking?

Really, if someone had to guess which verbs and nouns I'm thinking about 90% of the time, they probably wouldn't need a brain scan device to »

How Do You Know Michael?

I made my first edited movie in iMovie '08 finally. Enjoy: »

Internet Jackass Day 2008 *

Google is Going to Mars - with Richard Branson no less (this one is almost believable) Classy Query - for those who like jQuery but could »

Trajan is the Movie Font

In a world where Trajan is ubiquitous... This video cracked me up: »