Text Message Me!

It's been awhile since I've made an entry here, I know. I'll be updating things soon, and will add NEW CONTENT to Jough.com here. In »

Plagiarist.com 4.0

While the new look won't be officially announced until tomorrow (although Plagiarist Newsletter subscribers got a sneak-peak last Sunday) I thought I'd let loyal Jough.com »

Cinema Review Goes Live

After a long month of looking for a new Content Management System (CMS) I finally decided to adapt Movable Type (the engine of this very site) »

Poetry X

After months of planning and much work all summer, I am finally in the home stretch of unveiling my latest web project: PoetryX.com. This week »

Achewood Message Board

I've been meaning to post a link to Achewood for awhile now. Achewood is the brain-child of Chris Onstad. It's a web comic. It's a comedy »

Freed from the bounds of balls and cords.

Sorry to disappoint if any of you thought that this post would be about S&M. After YEARS of suffering through cleaning the rubber ball »