Achewood Message Board

I've been meaning to post a link to Achewood for awhile now.

Achewood is the brain-child of Chris Onstad. It's a web comic. It's a comedy site. It's an advice column. It's really fucking funny.

I don't really read many cartoons regularly anymore - in fact, none loyally since Calvin et Hobbes went bye-bye, but for some reason I started reading Achewood, tore through the archives, and have continued.

Anyway, I posted a bit on the Achewood message board, which Onstad removed last week because he found that both running a message board and trying to create new content for his web site every day were two full-time tasks.

So after he took his ball and went home, I stepped up to the plate and am now hosting the Achewood Message Board. It's funny how things go.

[The OFFICIAL Unofficial Achewood Message Board]

Monsieur Onstad was good enough to allow me the use of some of his characters to make a logo.

So go, log in. Read Achewood. Laugh your fool head off.