Freed from the bounds of balls and cords.

Sorry to disappoint if any of you thought that this post would be about S&M.

After YEARS of suffering through cleaning the rubber ball on my computer mouse, and flicking the cord back, etc., I finally bought a wireless optical mouse.

Not just any wireless optical mouse, though, but the Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse "Special Edition" in White/Ice.

It is sweet.

It's very sleek looking, and appears to have been made to be an accessory for iMac users. The white top is surrounded by a translucent base with chrome appointments and a clear, smoothly scrolling wheel.

It's all done-out in style.

And it works amazingly well. The only problem that I've had with it so far... well, two problems.

One, I had a lot of problems putting the batteries in the thing. You have to push this little piece of plastic in to get to the battery compartment. I envision this snapping off the next time I have to replace the batteries (two AA, which amazingly enough were included).

Which brings me to my other negative - there's no battery level indicator anywhere. Shouldn't there be some way of measuring this, at least on the PC side? I know the Logitech wireless mice have an indicator. I suppose I'll know the batteries are dying when the mouse stops working correctly. Still, it's an annoyance.

But otherwise I love it. I can get 8-10 feet of range, which is about 7-8 feet farther away from my screen than I'll ever be anyway. Heck, from four feet away I can't see the cursor anymore.

So I'm happy and untethered. And the new driver software doesn't conflict with my laptop's built-in touch pad. Bonus!