A New Era is Born...

I finally took the plunge and started a parent company to run all some of my products and services within. Hereafter I am no longer simply Jough Dempsey, but rather "Jough Dempsey, Organizer and Member of..."

Word Front LLC

(I don't have a logo yet, but imagine something akin to a black gloved hand crushing a flaming dictionary, with a bald eagle swooping down to perch atop the clenched fist, boughs of holly in one talon, a mighty sword in the other. There are mountains in the background, and some somber music played on the cello with baritone horn accents - regal yet accessible to the rabble).

In any case, "we" are readying about a half a dozen products and/or services for launch by the end of the year.

Next week WordFront.com will open and have news of more plans for WORD FRONT LLC and my bid for world domination.

Please contact our press agent if you have any questions, and feel free to send company-warming presents to the address you have on file for me.

-- Jough, one knee up on a boulder, American flag thrashing in the breeze, sun rising behind him, while he stands with forearm on knee, gazing up pensively into THE FUTURE...