Montblanc Stylus

For a bit of further self-indulgence, I bought a new stylus to replace the cheap plastic flimsy one that came with my Palm Vx.

I looked around for various stylii to fit in the little slot on my device when I saw a review for the Montblanc Touch Pen - a gold or platinum plated stylus made especially for my handheld model, the Palm Vx!

I searched for a deal and found one for just $5.00. I got the platinum-plated one not only because it looks silvery-er and cooler and better matches the blue-hued Palm I have, but also because platinum is a more valuable metal than gold.


"The new designer Palm stylus bestows the style and prestige associated with Montblanc's traditional fine writing instruments against a new category of high-tech products," says Marion Davidson, vice president of marketing at Montblanc.


It has a nice heft to it considering it's mostly made of brass, and that little Montblanc star just looks up at me while I tap away.

I'm telling you, I feel more prosperous just holding this thing.