Now We Are Five

Today marks the fifth anniversary of our registration of Happy Birthday to us... Happy Birthday to usssss..... Happy Biiirthday Jough dot cooooooo-oooom, Happy Birthday »

Credit Cards and Checks Accepted

Our merchant account with Echo, Inc. was approved and setup today for the store. Today is a good day in the land of Jough. »

The Evils of Habit

The only reason I'm making this entry is so that I can have an entry a day since I've started this crazy thing. I've been feeling »

Blogging, Logging, and Web-Based Journals

I'm still playing around with Movable Type, but I was able to fairly easily add my old archived home page content into the new system. It »

Jough is powered by Movable Type

As a web developer, I took great pride in saying "Everything on my personal site,, was lovingly hand-coded by me personally." However, my own »

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I turn 25 today ( but I don't look it) - a quarter of a century. It sounds so much older when you say it that way. »