The Evils of Habit

The only reason I'm making this entry is so that I can have an entry a day since I've started this crazy thing.

I've been feeling sick and wheezy the past few days, actually going on over a week now. Maybe I have "consumption."

Meanwhile, things are moving slowly forward with a number of projects on which I'm working...

In the works are many many wonderful things. I've mostly been working on, my poetry site, of late, because that's where I receive the most visitors. At this time I'm in the midst of working on a customer login system (I should say a secure customer login system) and a way then of session-tracking to re-verify a user over multiple pages of the site once they're logged-in.

Okay, I'm also working on a shopping cart to groovify the PoetryNotes™ catalog, and make it easier for people to place orders (not that it's all that difficult now using PayPal) and snazz things up a bit.

Then of course there's content. Besides my newfound commitment to my web journal, I'm also getting things ready to begin accepting submissions to The Plagiarist: A Magazine of Poetry and the Arts, and of course there's new poetry submissions to process (which, depite my submission form, really doesn't make things easier on me). Then I have to track down poets, publishers, and agents to acquire permissions to re-print things, and answer e-mail, and sort through and add submitted comments, etc.

Then there's another aspect of my day: writing. I haven't been writing much poetry lately because I've been so busy writing about poetry. If I'm not writing PoetryNotes™ eBooks, I'm busy writing two other eBooks - one on "How to Write a Research Paper" and another on "How to Analyze a Poem" both of which should be useful to people.

On top of that, I committed to writing a series of technical articles for SitePoint about standards-based web design using my favourite acronyms like XML, CSS, and XHTML. Although I'm looking forward to that.

I'm looking forward to all of it - I just tend to bite off more than I can chew, take on too many things at once. I won't even get into the languishing or the as-yet unfinished (i.e. barely begun) Open Poetry Project.

I just need more time in a day. Fifty-two hours oughta do it, if I pass on sleep.

But before you dig out the violins and strap on your pointy hats for my pity party, just know that this is what I do for fun. I swamp myself with an overabundance of work and then rush to complete it all. Then I fuck-off for several days and watch DVDs.

Man, it's a good thing I don't have a job. Where would I find the time?