Folding Over the Decade Marker

As I listen to Duran2's "Hungry Like the Wolf" I'm reminded that most of the music that I listen to was recorded in the 1980s or early 90s (well, most of the pop music, anyway - good jazz hasn't been made since 1962) and that this means that I am OLD.

On 26 April 2006 I'll turn 30, which is not such a big deal, although I am not a millionaire as I had planned, nor do I have throngs of beautiful women trying to clutch a piece of me as I walk to my limo (at best, there are like, four women, who mostly keep their distance and at worst go through my garbage).

Anyway, I mention it only because it seems like a milestone, and because I was informed earlier this evening that I don't update enough.

I have a new fad web project launching on Mayday, so I'll try to post something here when that goes live. It's no big deal, just something strange and fun that the kids can play with. My poetry can be a bit... dark... and my other web projects tend to be pretty stolid and austere, so this one'll be a fun change (as was the t-shirt store).

I'm trying to be more disciplined with my web development so I can make re-useable modules which will enable me to build new sites faster. And in the wings are also more tools for writers, and other back-burner projects that I really should have finished long ago. I am only one man, despite rumours to the contrary.