Folding Over the Decade Marker

As I listen to Duran2's "Hungry Like the Wolf" I'm reminded that most of the music that I listen to was recorded in the 1980s or »

Fine T-Shirts Abound!

For years my friend Chris Eagle and I have been talking about making and selling our own t-shirts. We would scoff with derision at the laughable »

Sure to be...

In a recent Answer Man column, someone wrote in that a movie poster contained the blurb "Sure to be one of the best films of the »

A New Era is Born...

I finally took the plunge and started a parent company to run all some of my products and services within. Hereafter I am no longer simply »

Red Wheelbarrow

My first print publication of 2005 (yes, I've been publishing online more and more) came out this week, with a poem in Red Wheelbarrow magazine, 2005 »

10 Bad Project Warning Signs

Andy Budd has written a fairly comprehensive entry on 10 bad project warning signs. I don't know if reading this article will educate clients and make »