Fine T-Shirts Abound!

For years my friend Chris Eagle and I have been talking about making and selling our own t-shirts. We would scoff with derision at the laughable excuse for t-shirt sayings, slogans, and designs. We'd talk about our ideas and how much better they are than other things we see. But we never did anything about it.

Until now.

Check out our new products page at Word Front Wares.

Feedback is appreciated. We'll be adding new designs throughout the rest of February, and then we'll feature a new design each week debuting every Wednesday from here on out.

For the past week I've been thinking about, making, hashing over, talking about, and obsessing over t-shirts. It's been one of the most fun projects I've ever worked on. Hopefully it'll also be one of the most lucrative.

Tell your friends! Help spread the word.