Mass Debate

Not that I'm one to post about politics much, but do we really need these debates anymore? The entire electoral system is geared toward 1821 (a »

California Über Alles

Congratulations, California. You picked another actor to be your governor. You think things are bad now. Wait until your new führer leader gets to »


With the war in Iraq in full-swing, the idiots on both sides start coming out of the woodwork (or wherever oriface in which they usually burrow »

Attack on Iraq

Temporarily offline. »

Another NASA Tragedy

As everyone knows by now, the space shuttle Columbia tore apart on its final approach (an ominous-sounding term given the outcome) killing all seven members of »

Fast Eddie Sworn In

This morning our (those of us in Pennsylvania, that is) new governor, Ed "Fast Eddie" Rendell, was sworn in. Is this a Good Thing™ or »