Mass Debate

Not that I'm one to post about politics much, but do we really need these debates anymore? The entire electoral system is geared toward 1821 (a year that is completely arbitrary) when people could not all have their votes counted in a timely fashion throughout the entire country, so they had the electoral college travel with votes to elect the president.

Same thing with debates - they were a spirited and crowd-pleasing way to have the great unwashed listen to the positions of the candidates, and some of them were quite pointed and famous "Mr. Douglas, you can take your 'Popular Sovereignty' and stick it where the sun shineth not!" (I am paraphrasing).

But what is the point now? The candidates don't address each other, just re-hash prepared speeches, speak in vague generalities (I suppose all generalities are vague, no?) and basically serve no purpose.

However, I was pleased to see that Cheney isn't even trying to hide the evil anymore. At one point during the vice presidential debate he tried to stab Edwards, and then molested a girl scout. You should see the video clip on Yahoo! News. Hil-fucking-arious.

Anyway, whatever. Conan's on.