Best Album Review Ever

A picture is worth 1,024 words: Tiny Mix Tapes: Nine Inch Nails »

Recent Listenings now Logged

Thanks to the magic of BlogAmp, a plug-in for WinAmp (or MacAmp, I'd assume) you can now view the last ten mp3 songs I've listened to, »

Hail to the Thief - New Radiohead Album Review

A few weeks ago I was wondering what was going on in the world of my favourite still-together band, Radiohead, and so I checked their web »

Imitation of Life - A "Reveal"ing look at a band on the decline.

R.E.M.'s twelfth studio album, Reveal, is a formulaic, banal adventure in low-fi that, while a refreshing break from the usual radio tripe, is »