Recent Listenings now Logged

Thanks to the magic of BlogAmp, a plug-in for WinAmp (or MacAmp, I'd assume) you can now view the last ten mp3 songs I've listened to, as long as I'm connected to the internet, with the date and time I listened to them (I don't know why that the date and time that I listened to a song is relevant, but there you go).

It also seems to add an entry each time a track is started, so multiple listings of the same title could mean either that I've listened to the same song more than once (which wouldn't be out of form) or that I've been interrupted a lot and couldn't get through a song.

In any case, it should be fun. Like all other things blog-centric, it's more data about your humble webmaster.

DISCLAIMER: Just because a song shows up in my playlist does NOT mean that I endorse the song. I could've just listened to something that I disliked.