has... um, <em>another</em> new look.

Happy Easter/Passover everyone.

Yes, this is the second home page re-design in the past week. I just wasn't happy with the other one - this one is just as low tech, but is a little nicer looking.

Our new web hosting company was just bought out. We've only been with them for just under two weeks, and already they're being "acquired" by another company. They claim that this change in management won't affect service. We'll see.

Only three more weeks left of this semester. For those of you keeping score, I'm finally finishing up at West Chester University. I'll have a BA in English Literature, which means that I'll be generally unemployable. Although I believe that my creative writing minor will come in handy.

I hope to keep this updated more often. This is always my hope, however. I'm trying to figure out a way to have this update somewhat automatically - it would be nice to be able to simply e-mail updates to the server and have them show up here. I'm a little worried about the security issue, though. Does anyone know of a way to update the "news" (or whatever this is) easily and securely?