resurrected - Poetry Forum Moved

Plagiarist Poetry Discussion Forum has been re-commissioned and is the new home of our poetry discussion forum. I'm in the process of moving all poetry content over to the new site, as well as completely re-designing everything using snazzy server-side scripting which will make the new site more interactive, easier to update, and have a better layout and navigation for users - essentially, the new site will be better all around for all involved, but it requires a lot of work to get running. The poetry discussion forum is already up and running.

We're shooting for a September release date for the new site. Even if all isn't finished by then, we'll unveil whatever sections are finished and continue to add to the poetry archive, essays, reviews, instruction, forum sections, etc. Some of the things we'd like to add to the site include a "lecture" series whereby a visiting poet can offer a lecture on something poetry related, either on a particular poet, sub-genre, or on writing poetry.

So instead of everything is moving to We hope the move to the hard to spell domain name is an easy one for all of our visitors. As always, if you have questions or comments feel free to e-mail me, or better yet, post them on the new forum.