Oscar Drop-Outs

I can't speak for anyone else, but I would not think less of Susan Sarandon if she appeared at the Oscars, even if she were laughing giddily, dressed flashily, and gave an interview to E! television on the red carpet.

What is with these celebrities, like Will Smith and Tom Cruise, who decided that it would be inappropriate for them to show up to the Oscars? Are they really self-important enough to think that whether or not they go to an awards show matters to anyone?

Some have said that they would feel wrong about going to a celebration while our nation is at war. However, we've had soldiers in combat areas around the world for the past four years (and beyond). Did they boycott the Oscars during those times? Did they boycott last year because the U.S. was bombing Afghanistan? No? What about a couple of years ago when we were bombing the former Yugoslavia? No?

How about for the past twelve years that the U.S. has been bombing Iraq? Did Susan Sarandon really not attend the Oscars those years either?

I really don't care if Susan Saranwrap attends an award show or not - but either show up or don't show up. Grandstanding about not showing up doesn't make you a martyr. It just makes you a self-important attention-craving bitch.

The whinier of the bunch can stay home every year. That'd suit the rest of us just fine.